Video editing

through images

We are ready to accommodate your video presentation requests with the help of a team attentive to assembly details, from colors to the soundtrack. Each video made by our team is a skilful mix of images, visual and typographic effects, assembled to help you highlight the quality of your company’s ideas and production processes. We will be able to show what does not yet exist, what belongs only to your mind, right up to the start of the project development of our video makers.

For a professional text



Editors and reviewers will write the contents of the video, also taking care of the dubbing

Give a new soul to the video


Video maker

Experts in animated development and fps graphics for a professional corporate video

To name its potential


Voice actors

The people who will voice all the steps in your video, to explain the process or method


We are made up of an important team of video editors and editors who will take care of the timeline of your project, defining your ideas before they are actually developed. We will be able to create animated presentations with creative graphic effects for your company by offering a different and out of the ordinary advertising solution.


By means of different tools and assembly techniques we will bring your ideas to life in preview. Graphic and typographic effects will be reproduced by our team, which with the help of advanced editing programs will be able to shape an impact product to give you a professionally flawless image. Copywriters and editors will contribute to the project with their skills and abilities.



We put all our content creation skills at your disposal to make your company %VIDEO ready to go viral, offering you assistance, advice and resolution on what you want to show. We will guarantee a one-of-a-kind assembly and editing service for your shootings and photographs.


Included tools

%VIDEO has a basic list of tools but each project is evaluated ad hoc for a customized development suitable for your business.

Commercial consultancy

We recommend that you always request prior commercial advice from our agents and official dealers in order to find what you are really looking for.

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  • Commercial consultancy
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Technical consultancy

For the work progress already undertaken with LANGA, you can receive free technical assistance throughout the set up period or during the assistance extension.

We remind you of the technical department number for:

  • Receive technical information
  • Support request
  • Project management

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