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A web video series for companies

We tell big and small business adventures

A video series that tells every aspect of your business: here is %FILM. Over time, we have managed to assemble a team of artists who are dedicated to the search for emotion in your corporate or private history. This Cube is a great corporate success for us, which could only be developed thanks to the experience and will of a highly professional team.


We develop a service tailored to your business, going deeper and deeper into your life so that the entire team can understand how, where, when and why you have brought forward your ideas. Only after careful intellectual analysis will we be able to sketch a real storyboard that will serve as a helm for the entire %FILM journey. We will arouse the observer’s interest in your experiences by enhancing your emotions and always placing you at the center of the entire film production of the video series.


We will create a video series able to document your company, its history and its characteristics in the best possible way and without ever losing sight of you. Whether it’s an editorial story about how your business was born, where your dreams were born or how your big event took place, for us it is always %FILM, the video series that constantly sees you as the protagonist. With the help of analysts and authors, we will develop the story of each episode together, to amaze even the most critical people.

Included tools

Each %FILM video series has a basic list of tools that is calibrated to the customer’s size.

Commercial consultancy

We recommend that you always request prior commercial advice from our agents and official dealers in order to find what you are really looking for.

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Technical consultancy

For the work progress already undertaken with LANGA, you can receive free technical assistance throughout the set up period or during the assistance extension.

We remind you of the technical department number for:

  • Receive technical information
  • Support request
  • Project management

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